iPhone Battery

iPhone Battery
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(N10)Apple iPhone4S Battery.

1430mAh Internal Replacement 3.7V Li-ion Battery For Apple iPhone 4S 4GS Product Features 1. Bra..

Ex Tax: $17.00

1420mAh 3.7V Internal Battery for Apple iPhone 4 4G

Product Description 1420mAh Internal  3.7V Li-ion Battery For Apple iPhone 4 4G. Pro..

Ex Tax: $15.00

Apple iPhone 5C Battery.

Specifiche tecniche Batteria al Litio da 1510 mah Modello 616-0730 Prodotto Originale Ap..

Ex Tax: $20.00

Apple iPhone 6 Battery 3.82V 1810mAh

Brand new New OEM Original Apple iPhone 6 Battery Replacement 1810mAh Li-ion 3.82v  6.9..

Ex Tax: $22.00

Apple iPhone 6s Battery

Compatible with:  Apple iphone 6s 4.7" (Not for iphone 6s Plus 5.5")  Apple iPhone..

Ex Tax: $22.00

Apple iPhone 7 Battery 3.80v 1960mAh

1. Capacity: 1960mAh 2. Voltage: 3.80v 3. Compatible with: Apple iPhone 7..

Ex Tax: $24.00

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Battery 3.82v 2900mAh

1. Capacity: 2900mAh 2. Voltage: 3.82v  3. Compatible with: iPhone 7 Plus..

Ex Tax: $28.00

Apple iPhone SE Battery 3.82V 1624mah 616-00106 616-00107

Compatible with Apple iPhone SE APN: 616-00106APN: 616-00107Specifications:Type: Li-ion po..

Ex Tax: $30.00

iPhone 4s Replacement Battery with Tool Kit

Specifications  Brand New & High Quality  Power: 3.7V --- 5.3Whr  APN: 616-0580&n..

Ex Tax: $19.99

iPhone 5 Replacement Battery with Tool Kit AP-1703

Specifications: Brand New & High Quality  Power: 3.8V --- 5.45Whr  APN: 616-0610 Cell ..

Ex Tax: $13.00

New 1440mAh Li-ion Battery Replacement for Apple iPhone 5 5G with flex cable

BRAND New Battery Replacement Part For Apple iPhone 5 5G Apple iPhone Battery for&nbs..

Ex Tax: $20.00

Original iPhone 6 Plus +5.5" Internal Battery 2915mAh

Brand new replacement Apple iPhone 6 Plus 2915mAh 3.82V 11.1Whr internal battery..

Ex Tax: $35.00

[N10]Apple iPhone5s Battery.

Original Battery 18S2001-SL 3.8V 1560mAh 5.92Whr for Apple iPhone 5S Product Details: 100% Brand A..

Ex Tax: $17.00